What is Bachata?

What are the different styles of Bachata?

The most common styles of Bachata that you will see in the Latin Club scene today are as follows...

Dominican Style
is THE ESSENCE of Bachata and has a very heavy focus on musicality and extremely detailed footwork that tends to follow the intricacies of the guitar lines.

Modern Bachata
...also referred to as Bachata Moderna...
has a little heavier focus on body movement and is a more fluid style (think Bolero) of the dance. 
It is uses more styling and includes dips and more intricate turns than the Dominican Style which
focuses on the beautifully intricate footwork.

is a hybrid style of Bachata that blends the beauty and grace of Bachata with the 'PASIÓN' of
Argentine Tango.  The musicality of one blends seamlessly with the other to create a beautiful style that is very new to the Bachata world yet nevertheless taking it by storm.


Latin Dance Company

Bachata is a beautifully romantic dance from the Domincan Republic that could be described, musically speaking anyway, as congruent to Blues here in the United states.  Most of the lyrics center around heartbreak, unrequited love and melancholy.  Though the lyrics are often sad, the dance itself is beautifully  romantic and shares a very close connection with your partner.  Bachata has quickly become one of the most popular dances in the Latin Club scene and if you don't know how to Bachata, you will find yourself on the sidelines of the dance floor for at least half of the night.

With strong personal ties directly to the Dominican Republic with our co-owner / manager, Pedro Mercedes being from Santo Domingo, we bring you the authentic Bachata, straight from the Dominican Republic itself. With our yearly dance immersion vacations, you can come with us and dance Bachata in heart of it's birthplace!!

Stay tuned for info on our next Bachata Immersion vacation!!  This is a trip that is a bucket list MUST for any Bachata enthusiast!!

Straight from theDominican Republic

Though Bachata has officially been around since the early 1900's it did not become popular until the late 1950's and has only just become popular here in the US and in Europe in the last 8-10 years, if even that long.  Bachata has evolved from the Cuban Bolero and Domincan Merengue which both have a heavy guitar presence musically.  It has become one of the most popular dances in any Latin club scene around the world.  Over the years Bachata has continued to evolve into several different styles that each boast their own set of musical and dance style characteristics that are very distinct.  Bachata continues to evolve even today into new styles that fuse with other dances as it becomes more popular and mainstream as many R&B artists are quickly hopping on to the Bandwagon.