​We will be heading out bright and early on our scheduled day trip to La Isla Saona,  a tiny island just off the southeastern tip of the Dominican Republic!  A part of the East National Park, it's known for mangroves and coral reefs and palm-fringed beaches like Palmilla Beach. The island’s shallow waters are home to starfish. Mano Juan is a laid-back fishing village near Flamingo Lagoon, with colorful shacks and a turtle sanctuary.

Our workshops for Thursday will take place on either the catamaran on our way to the island or on the BEACH! 


Who wants to go dance in the very home of BACHATA?

Airfare and Hotel accommodations

It is highly recommended that you book your airfare and hotel accommodations together as a package. Utilizing sites like Orbitz, Hotwire, Travelocity are excellent for booking travel packages and our recommended hotel is included on all of these travel sites.  You will save a lot of money by booking your accommodations and travel together.


Come and dance with us in paradise!

Day Passes available!

Please register here and contact us for schedule of workshops, afternoon activities and nightly dancing! ALL Transport goes to and from the hotel and is included in day pass.

Pretty much everything but your sunscreen and your flip flops!

Transportation to and from the Catamaran docks (even THIS will be an adventure!), Beverages (Water, Sodas & Beer) , full Dominican Lunch on the Island (As YUMMY as it gets except for Papi's cooking!), lounging chairs are already on the beach, We WILL be dancing on the catamaran AND the Beach!

Our Isla Soana day trip is a special addition to our 

BachaTour! with Baila con Pasión and is NOT included in the cost of the BachaTour! with Baila con Pasión therefore you MUST register for the Isla Saona day trip here.  

Airfare, Hotel, Transportation to and from the airport (Airport transportation is offered for $30 per person each way if you are alone, $25 per person if 1 or more person is going to or from the airport),

Drinks and Meals

​Day Trip to La Isla Saona (see below)

**2 hours of daily workshops

**Transportation to and from hotel to workshop, afternoon and

evening event and concert locations

(Airport Transport is separate.)

**Afternoon events to include a special beach trip,

local shopping, sightseeing, dancing in the local colmados (little convenience stores that are fully equipped with the locally brewed and world famous Presidente beer or Brugal, the locally made Rum and hefty sound systems waiting to share with you the rhythms of Bachata, Merengue and Tipico as you make 'a run to the store'. 

Your visit will quickly become much more than a simple

'run to the store' as you dance with locals enjoying their game of Dominoes and their Presidente!

**Evening outing and club entry to test out your skills and

dance in some of the world famous Dominican clubs in

Santo Domingo with the locals!

We are going on an another adventure!! 

By registering for our Academia de Baila con Pasión BachaTour, you agree that Academia de Baila con Pasión and it's organizers and staff are solely responsible for the workshops, the afternoon events and our evening outings to dance in local Dominican clubs.  We are not responsible for any incidents that could occur, for flights or for hotel accommodations or meals and drinks.  We reserve the right to make changes to the schedule and NO refunds will be issued for any reason. There is a 3% convenience fee added to cover pay pal fees at checkout.

​This applies to Day Passes as well.

Maestro Dominicano Rodolfo Montaño Castro

Are you dreaming of dancing Bachata on the beach? 

Then start packing!

Our Very Own Directors!

​Cassandra and Pedro Mercedes

Dancing in the colmado!

​Which we are DEFINITELY going to do!

Recommended Hotels

4 Day & 7 Day options now available!

 BachaTour! with Academia de Baila con Pasión
Prices listed below apply if paid before April 1st, 2020!

Price increase April 1st so DONT WAIT!


​Checks and cash are also accepted and Venmo is also now accepted. 

Ask for details on how to use Venmo.

Want to join us but need to make payments??  

We've got you covered!

Contact us to arrange a personalized payment plan!

$699 Until April 1st 2020

Latin Dance Company


Historic Christoper Columbus colony fort ruins -

downtown Santo Domingo

4 Day Option

Limited Edition BachaTour! with BCP Tshirts available for purchase NOW!

W&P Hotel Santo Domingo

Located in downtown Santo Domingo in the beautiful Bella Vista neighborhood and just a hop, skip and a jump away from the heart of the Zona Colonial, the W&P Hotel Santo Domingo is situated right in the center of all of the hustle and bustle of the city, the historic attractions, the shopping and you will be right in the middle of the first city ever built

in the New World.

Maestro Rodolfo Montaño Castro showed great love and interest in his culture, specifically the music and dance, from early childhood.  At a very young age he began his journey in studying everything from the Authentic music to the authentic dances of his beautiful Dominican Republic.  He learned all of the authentic dances of his country by watching his relatives, neighbors, and friends at fiestas and studied the intricate details of the natural, authentic way of dancing to Dominican music.  With a lifetime of studying, observing and training he is not only an excellent dancer but a master of the musical genres of his country as well.

He will be leading us through workshops in the various dances of the Dominican Republic to include:

~ Merengue   ~Tipico  ~ Bachata  ~ Bolero  ~ Son

Maestro Rodolfo Montaño Castro has taught at the largest festivals in the Dominican Republic as well as  all over Europe and he is an expert in his craft.  He has dedicated his life to his art and it shows in his dancing and in his knowledge of these beautiful dances!

We are absolutely thrilled to have him as a part of our BachaTour Team and we so look forward to training with him!

7 Day Option


4 Day Option  - Thursday October 22nd through Sunday October 25th, 2020

7 Day Option  - Monday October 19th through Sunday October 25th, 2020

Modern / Urban Bachata

**4 OR 7 Days of Workshops 

Bachata Autentico (Authentic Bachata - meaning how they dance Bachata in the Dominican Republic)



Merengue & Tipico

**Afternoon sightseeing, shopping, dancing Bachata and Merengue on the beach in the beautiful Playa Juan Dolio, dancing in the local 'colmados' while sipping on a Presidente (locally brewed beer) or a Brugal (locally made Rum)

**Nightly dancing in Santo Domingo's local clubs to 'Bachata en vivo' or 'Merengue en vivo' (live Bachata or Merengue music)!!

**Memories of a lifetime created in 4 days with

Academia de Baila con Pasión

Train with some of the best in Bachata!


Airport Information

Wherever you will be coming from, you will want to fly into the Las Americas airport in Santo Domingo.  The airport code is SDQ.

We recommend changing your money to Dominican Pesos HERE in the USA NOT in the airport or hotel as the exchange rates are much much higher there!

Passport / Visa Requirements

You will need your passport but you do NOT need a Visa! 

Tourist cards are NO LONGER NECESSARY as they are now included in your airfare.

Make a copy of your passport and keep it on your person at all times.  We do NOT recommend bringing your passport with you when we go out and about but have a photo copy available ad your passport safe and locked up in your room.

Money Exchange and will you need cash?

American Dollars ARE accepted in the Dominican Republic however for larger purchases you may want to exchange your money to Dominican Pesos.  

When we go out dancing you can use American Dollars but use smaller bills and keep them INSIDE your clothing separated so you are not pulling out a large amount of money in public.  

Many businesses do NOT accept bank or credit cards!  

You will also want to contact your bank and credit card company before we go to let them know that you will be in Santo Domingo so that your card does not get blocked when you use it in a foreign country.  You do NOT want to deal with that from a foreign country!

While you can change your dollars to Dominican Pesos at the airport, the hotel and other locations there, we recommend exchanging your money here in the US as the fees are much higher to exchange your money there.  Most banks can exchange your money for you here with a few days notice to order Dominican Pesos.  

You can check the exchange rate here before you go to get your Pesos ordered so you have an idea of what the rate will be.


Cassandra has dedicated her entire life to her art and began her journey in Ballet at the age of 2 she started dancing professionally at the age of only 13 and began her journey in Latin dance more than 20 years ago.  Once she discovered Bachata it became one of her passions. Her instruction style, knowledge and professional reputation most definitely speak for itself.

Cassandra was invited to teach Bachata in the very home of Bachata which was an honor that will never be matched nor forgotten.  She has taught at festivals and congresses Internationally and is one of the few instructors that has trained with Dominican instructors in the Dominican Republic, studied the intricacies of the dance and the music as well as the various styles. She has lived in the Dominican Republic where she and her husband Pedro, who teaches by her side and handles the business side of things, had a school in Bavaro, Dominican Republic. During her time there, she was immersed in training so that she could bring that training back to her students who are now dancing not only the more commercialized style of Bachata known as Modern, Urban and Sensual Bachata, but also Authentic Dominican Bachata.  

Pedro, having grown up in dancing family learned the same way that Rodolfo did, by watching and learning with family, friends and neighbors. They have a school now in Florida and are honored to offer this fantastic opportunity to be immersed in the culture of this and other beautiful Dominican dances! 

This dynamic couple will also be teaching various workshops during this amazing dance immersion vacation and they can't wait to share their knowledge and passion for these dances with all of you in the home of Bachata, Merengue and Tipico!


​What is included in our day trip to La Isla Saona?

WHERE:  Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

This dynamic couple has taken the Bachata world by storm with their pure raw talent and their passion for sharing their love of the dances of the Domincan Republic, with the world.  They too,  are featured at congresses and festivals around the world and we are thrilled to have them share their time and talents with our dancers!  We will be bringing back Susan's body movement workshop that will have our ladies dancing like true Dominicanas and Carlos and Susan both, will be teaching about the history of various dances, musicality and of course teaching you to dance as the Domincans dance!! 

Their workshops are not to be missed!


By registering for the La Isla Saona day trip, you agree that Academia de Baila con Pasión and it's organizers and staff  not responsible for any incidents that could occur, for any changes in the day trip whatsoever or for meals and drinks.  This day trip is offered by a third party and Academia de Baila con Pasión is not responsible for any incidents, changes or other unforseen circumstances such as weather issues.  We reserve the right to make changes to the schedule and NO refunds will be issued for any reason. There is a 2.9% convenience fee added to cover pay pal fees at checkout.

We are requesting that you please stay with us at the beautiful W&P Hotel Santo Domingo so that we are all in the same hotel. Workshops, our Wine & Cheese Welcome party and our pool party will all be at this location.  Transportation to and from other events will only  be offered from this hotel. 

Because we are going on a day trip to....

La Isla Saona!

Academia de Baila con Pasión is going to the

Dominican Republic!!

$399 Until April 1st 2020

Maestros Dominicanos Carlos Gomez and Susan de Beras

Academia de Baila con Pasión is once again, offering a 4 day dance and cultural immersion vacation, now with a 7 DAY OPTION!!

What is included in the price of our Santo Domingo BachaTour?

What is NOT included in the price of our Santo Domingo BachaTour?