Bachata Level II is a continuation of Bachata Level I and we will continue to work on technique of both Modern and Authentic Bachata, Musicality, Footwork and Partnerwork.

Anita's Ladies' Salsa Performing Team 

6:30- 8:00pm

Mid Class practice!

ALL OF OUR  THURSDAY CLASSES ARE NOW BEING HELD AT Ragamala Studios located at 711 W Lake Street Suite #304, third floor

If you have always wanted to learn Bachata then your time has come!​​ Straight from the streets of Santo Domingo we bring you the fundamentals, history and basics of this beautiful dance.  We include body movement, which is extremely important in Bachata, as well as starting with the basic steps of Bachata.  We will go over dance etiquette in Bachata Autenica, which is quite different than here in the USA and when dancing Bachata Moderna!  We will incorporate a little Bachata Moderna which is basically a 'commercialized' form of Bachata that is widely danced here in the USA and around the world with the exception of the Dominican Republic, the home of Bachata! Go Figure!   Dont worry!  You will learn about that too!  You will learn all about this dance and her rich culture as well as begin your journey into the world of Bachata!

Beginning Salsa Level II - Thursdays

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Company Corps Membership I

Tuesdays 8pm - 11pm

Beginning Bachata Level I   

Love BACHATA?  A little sampler!

Our Director teaching at our BachaTour! with Baila con Pasión 2017 event in Santo Domingo!

The ONLY event of it's kind!

We are super excited to announce that

ALL OF OUR  TUESDAY CLASSES ARE NOW BEING HELD AT The Dance Xchange located at 6885 Washington Ave South Edina, MN  55439 !

Latin Dance Company


"I love Cassandra's classes in so many ways that I'm sure I'll leave something out, but here are the reasons that come to mind immediately:

1) My husband and I spent several hundred dollars on a "Ballroom introductory package" at an unnamed Charlotte  studio in 2009. The instructors were good, but the environment was so formal that it was hard to actually enjoy myself, and I quickly lost interest for that reason. NOT so with Cassandra and her classes. She keeps it casual, fun, and she has seemingly endless patience with those of us who are struggling with new steps.
2) Confession: I'm not a fan of exercise (especially cardio), but I love her classes. Who knew exercise and fun could occur simultaneously?! I'm not a ZX Fitness member, but if I ever decide to join a gym, it'll be ZX. The staff is great and they treat us wonderfully, regardless of our membership status.

3) I've met some truly wonderful people because of her classes.

3) Even my 17-year old daughter has developed an interest in Latin ballroom dancing since meeting Cassandra, and the classes are affordable enough that we can actually go on a regular basis. Admission- $5 per person; Wardrobe- $? (just dress comfortably); Quality time with your loved ones? Priceless.

  S. Gleaves

Couples Membership

​​6:30 - 8:00pm

All of our classes run in 4 week sessions and are based on both a Martial Arts belt system and the world renowned World Mastery curriculum.  Each session consists of 1 class weekly, for an hour and half, for 4 weeks.  We focus on intensive technique, lead and follow, musicality, turns and spins, partner work and patterns within each belt level that includes the material covered in that session as well as in prior sessions.   Each belt concentrates on a family of steps and patterns and the focus during that belt level training is on that particular family of steps and patterns creating more retention and continuity in your dancing. No partner necessary.

Due to the level of technique covered in each class, our classes are progressive and build on what was taught the prior week and session. In order to ensure that all of our students are moving forward  and due to the detailed technique that students receive in our classes, we do not allow walk in classes.  All students must register for a complete session. No 'drop in' classes are allowed.

All of our students, no matter what their level of dance prior to training with BCP are required to start from our level 1 / 1st Degree White Belt Salsa (or the level 1 of whichever dance you are studying).   In order to move to the next level, your BCP instructor must evaluate your skills at the end of each class session to determine whether you are ready to move to the next belt level or repeat the same belt level again. At some point, most students are asked to repeat a level during their training in order to solidify what you are working on.  This will only benefit you in the long run and it is our hope that our students would see this as an opportunity to strengthen that particular family of steps and patterns, making you a stronger dancer overall.   With our focus on technique and repetition, we are able to train solid, well rounded dancers that feel ready and excited to move to the next level.

Should you need to miss a class, we highly recommend doing a private lesson before your next group class so that you do not miss out on the detailed instruction covered in the missed class.  It is the responsibility of each student to make up what you missed before the next class as we are not able to offer make up classes.  We do not offer refunds or or 'credits' toward the next session if you miss a class.  All class sessions must be paid for before the session begins and no refunds or credits for missed classes will be offered so, please  make sure that you are able to attend the entire session or are able to schedule a private lesson to cover material missed.

Beginning Bachata Level II   

​​This class is for the brand new dancer with little or no class experience or for the dancer who wants to revisit the foundations of Salsa!  If you have always wanted to learn Salsa, then THIS IS THE CLASS FOR YOU!!  We will focus on the fundamentals of Salsa, basic steps, basic lead and follow technique, dance floor etiquette, dance positions and more!  Even if you have had classes in the past but want to brush up on the basics this class will definitely benefit you!!  We start from SQUARE ONE and use a WORLD CLASS CURRICULUM that is UNMATCHED to create solid dancers that have their own style and charisma on the dance floor!!

Are you doing 2 classes?


Latin Diamond Y  Pasión Weekend with Sonia Rivera!  

Please watch for specialty workshops that are offered at various times throughout the year.


​​Starting where we left off in 2nd Degree White and including everything from both 1st and 2nd degree White Belt, this class session combines the heart of our Beginning series in the curriculum!  If you have received your 1st & 2nd Degree White belts then this class is for YOU!  By now, your Right and Left Turns are solid, with some basic styling, and your cross body leads should be solid.  In this level, we will continue adding new foundational families of steps in this session while we add some patterns and a bit more styling to the mix. We start from where we left off and use our WORLD CLASS CURRICULUM that is UNMATCHED to create solid dancers that have their own style and charisma on the dance floor!

2017 Salsa Musicality Workshop with Latin Grammy Award Winner Luis Rodriguez of Sonora Carruseles!


OK Ladies!!  This is YOUR TEAM! LET'S DO THIS!
On our Ladies' ONLY performance team, you will learn how to perform and dance like a pro!   We train our teams on everything from how to take the stage to stage presence to steps, turns, styling and more all while learning a STUNNING ROUTINE choreographed by 6x World Champion, Anita Santo Rubin.  Under the direction of our academy's director, Cassandra de Mercedes we will learn the routine and perform at various events locally, regionally, nationally and Internationally.

This is our weekly rehearsal time for our ladies Salsa team.   Additional rehearsals TBD and will be announced as needed.

Group Classes

6:30 - 8:00pm

Auditions coming soon!

2 of my beautiful BELLAS, Melissa & Alexi, representing BCP at the

Orlando Salsa Congress!

Love BACHATA?  Then come and dance with us in the very birthplace of Bachata, The Dominican Republic!  Check out our BachaTour! Page

2019 dates and EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT to be posted soon so stay tuned! 

In the meantime check out the fun we had this past October, in Santo Domingo on our Calendar & Events page or click below!

Please note...

EVERYONE must start with our Level I unless you have had prior training.  If you do have prior training, it is required that you set up a time for us to assess which level would be the best fit for you so that we can ensure that you continue to learn new skills and techniques.

Are you a couple doing 1 class together?

Beginning  Salsa Level III

8:00- 9:30pm


Are you a couple that LOVES LATIN DANCE?

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This class is designed to continue to infuse everything covered in 1st Degree White Belt as well as introducing a brand new family of steps that you will use as much, if not more, than your basic steps.  This foundational class session is the 2nd level in Beginning Black Belt Salsa class series using a WORLD CLASS CURRICULUM that is UNMATCHED to create solid dancers that have their own style and charisma on the dance floor!

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We are thrilled to be voted a Top Instuctor in the Twin Cities!

World Team Project

This monthly membership is for our company dancers that are on our performing teams.  This monthly membership allow you to do ALL classes monthly, at your level, as well participate in 1 of our performing teams.

**Costumes and additional team costs not included.  ** Includes monthly class and team dues only

Salsa Tuesdays

ALL OF OUR  THURSDAY CLASSES ARE NOW BEING HELD AT Ragamala Studios located at 711 W Lake Street Suite #304, third floor

8:00- 9:30pm

Beginning Salsa Level I - Thursdays 

After a Wednesday night social...

"It was such a blast! The dancer, men and women, were just excellent. The leaders were very skillful, and easy to follow. They know many combinations of moves, and execute them without hesitation. You are obviously fabulous instructors! Everyone was so gracious, and everyone danced with everyone, so there was no one sitting on the sidelines. And the puppy is precious. I am thrilled to have found you! Thank you, and I will see you soon!!"

~  Debra Terrio

(One of our regular beautiful Salseras)