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​​​Monday December 4th, 2017

We are absolutely thrilled to announce our

Specialty Salsa Musicality Workshop with

2 time Grammy Award Winner, Luis Rodriguez!! 

​​Cha Cha

​​​Monday December 18th, 2017

​​Authentic Dominican Bachata

You love watching those fancy dips, drops and tricks but think you would never do that??!  Well, think again!  With proper technique, you will come to love those moves!!  We will concentrate on various types of dips, drops and tricks that can be used in both Salsa & Bachata on the social dance floor and a few that are more geared for performance so you get a taste of those too.  You will learn lead and preparation, weight distribution and how it is the LADIES that are actually the ones doing most of the work!!  Yep!  Come out and learn how!

 This is one of our most popular workshops of the year!  With a lighthearted environment we switch it up a little and tonight....yep!  The LADIES LEAD and the GUYS FOLLOW!!  Not only is this workshop one of the most fun, but the ladies will absolutely walk away with a deeper appreciation for what your leaders have to think about when they are leading you and the guys will get to feel what the ladies need to feel to be led correctly on the dance floor!  After this workshop, we ALWAYS hear how much folks enjoy it and how much it helped them to become either a better leader or a better follower!  This is another one you wont want to miss!

Love Bachata?  Want to learn some Authentic Bachata straight from the streets of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic?

Then come join us for this workshop!  You will learn the difference between, Modern and Authentic Bachata, learn about the history of Bachata, learn a bit of body movement and some fundamental patterns used in this beautiful dance!

In this workshop we will be covering the technique of various spins and turns both alone and with a partner.  You will learn about posture, weight placement, preparation, spotting, timing within both the music and your steps, lead & follow as well as how to master staying in line with progressive turns. We will be doing drills as well as including spins and turns in various basic patterns.  

Lets Dance!

Company Corps Dancers

You may register for your normal class package that includes your team!

Pick 2 Workshops

​​​Monday November 27th, 2017

Reverse the Roles!

Come out and learn a little Salsa Rueda, otherwise known as Cuban Style Salsa!  Salsa Rueda is danced as a group and is SO MUCH FUN!  Come out and see what it is all about!

Ok, so your leader goes into a T stance and your eyes gloss over in sheer panic!  Your hands get sweaty and you freeze with a deer caught in the headlights kind of look!  This does NOT have to be YOU! Come out and learn a hot ladies shine for when he is showing YOU off!  Get comfortable with t stance shines so that the next time a guy wants to show you off on the dance floor you will shine and not shutter in panic!  We will need a few gentlemen to help us out with this workshop! Dont worry guys, you will enjoy this workshop as much as the ladies and you too will learn how to be her support when she is doing things like a Tango Sweep!!

​​Spinning & Turn Technique

​​Salsa Musicality

I want to do the them ALL!

We know everyone is busy preparing for the holidays so each year we offer our Holiday Specialty Workshop series so you can keep dancing! Our workshops are offered on our usual class nights and are 2 hours each!  We will be focusing each workshop on specialty aspects of each / or all dances and unless otherwise noted are OPEN TO ALL LEVELS!  NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY (unless noted) and NO PARTNER NECESSARY (again, unless noted).

Want to do more than one workshop per week?  No worries.....check out the workshop packages at the bottom of the the page.  ALL registration links are at the bottom of the page. You MUST be registered to participate and so that we can plan workshops based on participation.

ALL workshops unless noted will be held at our usual studio location,

The Dance Academy of Stuart at 333 SE Tressler Dr Stuart, FL 34994.

​All workshops are from 6:30pm to 8:30pm.

Want to learn a little street style Cha Cha?  This is what folks dance at socials, Latin nights, Latin clubs and other events around the world.  You will learn some of the history of Cha Cha along with the fundamentals of the steps, various timings and rythms, styling and footwork.

Pre-Registration is required.  When you register for a single workshop or a package, please indicate which workshop(s) you plan to attend so we can plan each workshop based on participation. 

All packages EXCLUDE the Salsa Musicality Workshop.

​​​Monday December 11th, 2017

​​Dips, Drops & Tricks

We are honored to have Sr. Luis Rodriguez, of Sonora Carruseles, joining us in a very special musical collaboration with our director, Cassandra de Mercedes! Sr. Rodriguez is a 2 time Grammy Award Winner and has won both an American Grammy and a Latin Grammy Award for his work! 

Guys, this is a workshop that you will NOT want to miss!

In this workshop you will learn to begin to dance WITH the music rather than 'TO' the music.  You will learn how to plan your patterns, styling and magical attention grabbing moves like dips, drops and tricks to execute them at the perfect moment, bringing you, your partner and the music into complete unity, even if you are executing basic steps!  You will learn the structure of a song, how to tell the difference between each section of a song and how to plan what patterns, steps or tricks, you will do and when!  When you understand the music that you are dancing to, you are able to become one with the song, taking your dancing to a whole new level!

​​Salsa Rueda

​​Salsa Steals

Our Salsa shines workshop will be all about getting you to SHINE!  You will learn some footwork patterns that you can use when you are dancing alone, including styling or what to do when your lead wants to show you off! Shines are all about doing your own thing!  Footwork, styling, body rolls are all part of shines and you will learn a HOT shine to use when your lead wants to do a few steps apart and see you shine and shine a little, himself!

​​​Thursday December 14th, 2017

​​​Tuesday December 5th, 2017

​​​Thursday November 30th, 2017

Holiday Specialty Workshop Series

​​​Tuesday December 12th, 2017

​Single Workshop Registration

​​​Thursday December 7th, 2017

Lets Dance!

Ladies ​​Salsa Shines

​​Salsa Shines

**Registration for this workshop is separate from all other workshops.

Pick any 3 Workshops

Please indicate upon registering, which workshop you will be attending.

This workshop is geared toward our gentlemen!  We WILL however need a few ladies to help us out! Guys...ever wonder how to steal a lady from your buddy on the dance floor?  Well, come and find out how! Keep it clean guys..we are talking about dancing here!  This is a super fun surprise for the lady with whom you are dancing and when you have a group of leaders working together?  You will create a Salsa that your dance partner wont soon forget!

​​​Tuesday November 28th, 2017