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Academia de Baila Con Pasión Dance Family.....
It is in the interest of protecting our Baila con Pasión dance family we have come to one of the most difficult decisions we have ever had to make however, I have followed this virus situation since its start, back in December of 2019. The more I am learning about what is happening worldwide and how serious this situation is, I feel that postponing our group classes, is the best decision to protect us all. All of our group classes are being postponed until April 1st depending on the spread of the SARS2 Covid19 Virus.

Please be advised that we are NOT canceling classes, they are simply postponed and at some point closer to April 1st, we will reassess the situation.

We have no way of knowing what everyone has been exposed to and with an extremely long incubation period before someone is symptomatic, there is simply no way of knowing who is infected. I would rather be wrong in this decision and have all of us safe, healthy and ready to dance than continue classes and have someone get sick.

We hope that you understand and realize that we are making this decision because we care greatly about our growing BCP dance family, the very foundation of BCP, and we have so many more memories to create! We want everyone safe and healthy!

Be assured that we will pick up right where we left off as though we didn't miss a step ( insert Ba-da-Bum!) and quite likely plan a celebration of our return to classes!

We thank you for your support in this decision and please know that we can't wait to get back to you all and to the dance floor, once we know it is safe.

With love....
Cassandra de Mercedes & Pedro Mercedes
Owners & Directors Academia de Baila con Pasión

We are honored to be recognized as a Top 10 Instructor!!

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