BachaTour! with Baila con Pasión

Who wants to go dance in the very home of BACHATA?
Academia de Baila con Pasión is going to the
Dominican Republic!!
Please check out our brand new
BachaTour! with Baila con Pasión 
website for details and registration.


4 Day Option 
Thursday April 22nd through Sunday april 25th, 2021
7 Day Option 
Monday April 19th through Sunday april 25th, 2021
Santo domingo, Dominican republic
We are going on another adventure!
Academia de Baila con Pasión is once again, offering a 4 day dance and cultural immersion vacation,
now with a 7 DAY OPTION!!


**4 OR 7 Days of Workshops 

Bachata Autentico

(Authentic Bachata - meaning how they dance Bachata in the Dominican Republic)



Merengue & Tipico 

**Afternoon sightseeing, shopping, dancing Bachata and Merengue on the beach in the beautiful Playa Juan Dolio, dancing in the local 'colmados' while sipping on a Presidente (locally brewed beer) or a Brugal (locally made Rum)


**Nightly dancing in Santo Domingo's local clubs to 'Bachata en vivo' or 'Merengue en vivo' (live Bachata or Merengue music)!!



**Memories of a lifetime created in 4 days with

Academia de Baila con Pasión

Historic Christoper Columbus Colony Fort Ruins -

downtown Santo Domingo

Workshops with the BEST in Bachata!
Daily Excursions
(that, of course, include Bachata!)
Cultural immersion 
Dancing BACHATA on the Beach
Nightly Dancing in local hot spots

BachaTour! with Baila con Pasión! 

Creating friends and memories that will last a lifetime!

Want to go with us?

Then Register here!

This is an experience you do not want to miss!

BachaTour! with Baila con Pasión! 
The Dominican Dance & Cultural immersion vacation unlike any other in the world!
Creating friends and memories that will last a lifetime!
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